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Senate Bill 170

New Hampshire Senate Bill 170 was enacted into law in 2018. The legislation allows for municipalities to borrow money in the form of a bond to fund solutions to provide broadband internet access to those who are unserved. The law is now identified as RSA 33:3-g.

The law articulates certain steps that must be followed, including requesting information from existing internet service providers about the current state of broadband in a town, in particular which locations are unserved by the internet speeds that define the term "Broadband."

A request for proposals must be made public and providers will be able to respond. The municipalities may then choose to accept one or more proposals based upon their own deciding criteria.

In order to issue a bond to fund the project, towns must follow the standard statutory provisions of RSA 33:3 for a public-private partnership, including demonstrating the public benefit of such a project in public hearings. As with any other bond, such as for replacing a bridge or building a library, the town must also hold a bond hearing.

Finally, the town votes on the issuance of a bond at its annual Town Meeting, where a paper ballot vote must find 3/5 in favor to pass.

Greenfield Broadband Availability

The map below visualizes broadband availability in Greenfield based on the merged survey and RFI data. Red dots are unserved, green dots are served. Greenfield also has multiple "eligible areas" for FCC RDOF funding (funding for unserved areas).

How Much Bandwidth Do I Really Need?

This Bandwidth Calculator is simple to use tool that will help you determine how much bandwidth your household needs. Brace yourself!

Cable vs DSL vs Fiber

The three main options for "wired" internet connectivity are Cable, DSL, and Fiber. This video helps to explain the differences.

Monadnock Broadband Group

The Monadnock Broadband Group is an informal coalition of municipal officials, practitioners and other stakeholders with interest in understanding and coordinating with each other regarding broadband issues in Southwest NH.

There is a wealth of information on their website about what other area towns are doing to improve their broadband. For local historians, there is even a copy of the 2014 Greenfield broadband survey.

Can Satellites Help?

Can satellite based internet help? TLDR; Don't hold your breath but... Maybe. Someday.

Broadband Survey v3.pdf

Greenfield Broadband Survey

A printable version of the survey that was mailed to everyone in Greenfield in early July.

Survey Results

Results of our broadband survey conducted in July and August of 2020!

Greenfield Broadband Survey.pdf

The Do-It-Yourself Option

Have you ever wondered what is involved in creating your own ISP? If you've ever thought that you could just run down to Home Depot, buy a spool of cable, and some ladders this article is for you!