Greenfield Broadband

Bringing reliable, high speed internet to every address in Greenfield. Downtown or in the woods - every address.

Important Notice

The bond will be voted on at Town Meeting on May 1st starting at 9am outside at Oak Park.

You must be present to cast your vote, there are no absentee ballots for Town Meeting.

The bond is article #2 and voting will be open for one hour. A 3/5 majority is needed to pass.

The last day for residents to register to vote at Town Meeting is Saturday, April 24th.

Info Sessions

We have returned to our usual general purpose info sessions on Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm.

Next up: April 27th

Join in to hear the latest news (if there is any), ask questions, or just to chat about the weather!

Web Meeting: Meeting ID: 851 442 9808 Web Passcode: 653cuG

Call in number: 1 929 205 6099 Meeting ID: 851 442 9808 Phone Passcode: 170024

One-tap Mobile: +19292056099,,8514429808,#,,170024#

Greenfield Broadband Facebook Group:

New Pricing

Consolidated has updated, simplified, and reduced their proposed pricing for the fiber Network:

This new pricing removes several items that were previously charged separately. The net result is that the "entry level" 50Mbps fiber plan is the same price as the current entry level DSL pricing:

RDOF Update

The FCC's RDOF (Rural Digital Opportunity Fund) Auction results have been announced: RDOF Auction 904

Update: Now that the FCC web site has settled down, CCI appears to be the sole winner in Greenfield. All of the Greenfield coverage is also "Gigabit, low latency" (green coloring). SpaceX was the winner of the red areas on the map and those all appear to be just outside Greenfield's border. The next step in the RDOF process is for the winners to submit a "Long Form Application" and they have until January 29th to do so.

While we do not yet know what specific impact this will have on our project, it is good news as winners are a) interested and b) incentivized to actually bring broadband to these areas. Unlike most previous FCC broadband funding the winners do not get paid unless they actually provide service to the indicated areas.

Update 2: We have confirmed that CCI won $439,488 and that this amount will be deducted from the bond amount. That means that the bond amount is now expected be $987,012 and that the recovery fee should fall from $14/month to $10/month.

We have selected a Proposal

The Select Board asked for a recommendation and the committee recommended Proposal #1. Our feeling is that this proposal provides the fastest timeline to implementation and has the lowest barriers to adoption. The Select Board agreed and we are moving ahead negotiating a contract.

RFP Responses

We have received responses to the RFP and we have three substantial proposals to consider. At first reading all of these proposals are technically suitable and meet our goal of bringing broadband to every address in Greenfield!

The following table compares the highlights of the proposals:

The first two of the proposed solutions also meet our criteria of zero tax impact! The third proposal is unclear about that aspect and we have requested clarification. We are very interested in hearing from people about what they like and do not like about these proposals. Please join our next info call to share your feedback and ask questions or send an email to:

Update: We have confirmed that CCI won $439,488 in RDOF funding and that this amount will be deducted from the bond amount. That means that the bond amount is now expected be under $990,000 and that the user fee should fall from $14/month to $10/month.

Update #2: CCI has revised their proposed pricing, substantially reducing the monthly rates, eliminating some of the fees and increasing bandwidth for the middle tier from 100Mbps to 250Mbps.

Other News

FCC Rural Digital Opportunity Fund

On October 8th the FCC released a list of eligible census tracts for RDOF funds and Greenfield made the grade! (That's not really a good thing - it means that our internet service is very, very bad). At the end of October an auction will be held and qualified service providers can bid to offer service to eligible areas. We do not know if any service providers are planning to bid but we do know that CCI is on the list of qualified service providers along with SpaceX/Starlink. So it is at least possible that funds will be made available to one or both of those companies to help relieve our pain.

Bringing Broadband to Greenfield

What Are We Doing?

Our goal is to upgrade the town's archaic service to modern broadband speeds to benefit ALL of the underserved residents of Greenfield. The idea is for every address in Greenfield to be be served. Downtown, or in the woods, everyone will have broadband available!

Many technologies are possible but the most common solution is a Fiber Optic network. Fiber is typically capable of providing speeds of up to 1Gbps upload & download (symmetric). Other options will be considered if they are offered but we are aiming for something at least as good as fiber.

How Will We Do It?

Senate Bill 170 (effective July, 2018) allows NH communities that are unserved by internet providers to issue bonds for building broadband infrastructure that meets or exceeds the FCC definition (currently defined as connectivity speeds of at least 25Mbps download/3Mbps upload).

By this definition more than 80% of Greenfield is currently unserved! And many residents who meet this modest requirement find that their service is inadequate and unreliable.

Chesterfield became the first NH town to take advantage of SB 170 in 2019. At Town Meeting in 2020 five more towns approved projects and many other NH communities are well underway for 2021.

To move forward with this Greenfield would pursue a public-private partnership where the provider guarantees payments for the bond. Rather than paying the bond through local taxes, the bond would be paid for by a monthly user fee (typically around $10) added to the provider’s service charges. In this way there is zero impact on taxes. Only the subscribers pay and they only pay a small additional fee until the bond is paid off.

What Is The Process?

The first step is a Request For Information from current providers. The Select Board has sent that request to CCI (essentially the only provider in town) and already received their response.

In addition we are surveying the town to independently validate the reported service speeds. Have you taken the online survey? If yes... THANK YOU! If no, please take the survey here:

The survey is over, Results

Next, a Request For Proposals will be issued to potentially interested providers. We hope to send that out in early August, start evaluating replies in September and recommend a selection by October.

Upon selection of a provider, a series of meetings will be held and the bond would be presented for town vote. If the bond is approved then construction would begin next summer and will, hopefully, be complete by year-end 2021!

How Can I Learn More?

Check out the Useful Resources and Frequently Asked Questions here on our web site!

The Greenfield Broadband volunteers have been hosting weekly call-ins to answer questions and keep townsfolk up to date. We regularly post on the Greenfield Meeting Place Facebook page, but if you are not on Facebook, please send us an email and we will let you know the next day and time of the call-in. Or check back on this page!

Broadband Survey

The first step is to get a clear picture of the current state of affairs. Our Broadband Survey will help us to understand people's actual experience - not just the service that is "available" but what people actually experience. The data collected in the survey will identify what proportion of town is formally "unserved" (according to the FCC definition of broadband) in order to quantify the scope of the problem.

Survey Results

Information Sessions

We are holding weekly information sessions via Zoom where residents can ask questions and express their concerns. If you're wondering what our options are and what the process is to improve town-wide internet service this call is for you!

Tuesdays at 7:30pm

Web Meeting:

Meeting ID: 851 442 9808 Web Passcode: 653cuG

Call in number: 1 929 205 6099 Meeting ID: 851 442 9808 Phone Passcode: 170024

Greenfield Broadband Facebook Group: